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Frequently Asked Questions

When does 911 Season 2 start?

The first hour of the 911 season 2 premiere comes to FOX on Sunday, September 23, after scheduled football. The second part premieres on Monday, September 24, at 9:00 p.m.

Is 911 returning to Fox?

9-1-1 on FOX is on its winter hiatus and it’s a little longer than most other shows. While it will return with new episodes in 2019, it’s not going to be in January. Due to FOX having a lot of other shows it wants to air, Athena, Bobby, Buck, Chimney, Hen, Maddie, and all the others are taking a longer hiatus than most fall shows.

When does 911 start?

Just Dial 911. The first 911 call in the United States came on Feb. 16, 1968, when Alabama State Representative Rankin Fite called the Haleyville, Alabama police station from City Hall.

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