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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my tvfcu accounts with tvfcuonline?

With tvfcuONLINE, you can access your TVFCU accounts anytime, anywhere with internet access. Transfer funds, make loan payments and more — all with a couple of clicks. It’s easy to access your TVFCU accounts with tvfcuONLINE! Here’s what you need to get started: A browser that supports 128-bit encryption.

What products and services does tvfcu offer?

TVFCU offers a variety of products and services to deliver exactly the service our members are looking for. Below are product overviews for all TVFCU Perks Checking Account options and all Personal Savings Share Account options. Available to young savers under 19 years of age.

How do I contact TFCU customer service?

This link will trigger a popup message. or call us at 915-843-TFCU (8328) today! Online Banking Login This link will trigger a popup message.

How do I make payments through tvfcupay?

Securely make payments online or over the phone through tvfcuPAY. If you are not ready to fully register for a payment account, quickly pay your loan using tvfcuPAY Express Pay when you click the tvfcuPAY hyperlink. While registering affords additional features such as reccuring payments, we realize that some folks prefer to do a single payment.

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