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Frequently Asked Questions

What is map type in typescript?

TypeScript Map. TypeScript map is a new data structure added in ES6 version of JavaScript. It allows us to store data in a key-value pair and remembers the original insertion order of the keys similar to other programming languages. In TypeScript map, we can use any value either as a key or as a value.

What is the latest version of typescript?

You can download latest version of typescript (TypeScript 3.4). Maps are an important new feature of ECMAScript 6 (ES6) and can be used in a wide variety of use cases for storing key/value pairs. Map is a new data structure which lets you map keys to values without the drawbacks of using Objects.

Does TypeScript support ES6 maps?

TypeScript does support Maps "natively" now, so it simply allows ES6 Maps to be used when the output is ES6. For ES5, it does not provide polyfills; you need to embed them yourself. For more information, refer to mohamed hegazy's answer below for a more modern answer, or even this reddit comment for a short version.

How to create a map with initial key-value pair in typescript?

Use Map type and new keyword to create a map in TypeScript. To create a Map with initial key-value pairs, pass the key-value pairs as an array to the Map constructor. 2. Add, Retrieve, Delete Entries from Map

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