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Frequently Asked Questions

Will typescript replace JavaScript?

With a little bit of work, TypeScript can be used as a replacement for JavaScript. Because it compiles to JavaScript, it can be used wherever the developer normally uses JavaScript, whether that be...

What is typescript good for?

Typescript is a superset language of Javascript, in the end it's compiled to plain Javascript so it can do and is good for everything JS is good for. It's generally better for larger scale projects because it allows for cleaner, more type safe code that's also more conformative to object oriented principles.

How is typescript related to JavaScript?

Relation to other JavaScript targeting languages. TypeScript has a unique philosophy compared to other languages that compile to JavaScript. JavaScript code is valid TypeScript code; TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript. You can almost rename your .js files to .ts files and start using TypeScript (see "JavaScript interoperability" below).

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