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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name ugliest mean?

Ugliest meaning Superlative form of ugly: most ugly. She is the ugliest thing I've ever seen.

Who is the ugliest person on Earth?

However, none of those people come even close to qualifying as The Ugliest Person On Earth. That reprehensible distinction is reserved for someone else. Without question, the absolute ugliest person on earth is the person who won’t forgive. The ugliest person on earth may also qualify to be the dumbest.

What are the ugliest countries?

Figures revealed that men from the UK, Germany, and Poland are the most unappealing and ugliest people in the world. Sweden, Brazil, and Norway were the most successful applicants, proving to be the most beautiful countries overall.

Who is the ugliest man in the world?

Dennis Avner is the ugliest man in the world. He even made on his face something similar to cat whiskers. Namely, the man inserted small metal rods around the mouth which were remote, but still resembled a mustache.

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