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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Ugly Betty cancelled?

Ugly Betty Got Canceled Because American Television Is Broken. ABC finally euthanize Ugly Betty. It used to be one of the best shows on TV, but the network system's intractable greed and antiquated system ruined it.

Who plays Austin on Ugly Betty?

Ryan McGinnis is an American actor and dancer, known for his role in the ABC comedy series Ugly Betty as Austin Marley.

Who is Henry in Ugly Betty?

Henry Grubstick. Henry Grubstick is a fictional character in the American drama series Ugly Betty, portrayed by Christopher Gorham.

Who is Ugly Betty's sister?

Ugly Betty's Sister. Background: Latina actress Ana Ortiz is familiar among TV viewers for her role of Hilda Suarez, the vivacious and somewhat vain older sister of America Ferrera's character Betty, on the critically acclaimed ABC comedy-drama series "Ugly Betty" (2006-Present).

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