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Frequently Asked Questions

What does UIA do for academics and researchers?

What UIA Does for Academics and Researchers. The work of the UIA is of particular interest to academic researchers in a wide range of disciplines including: Political Science. Sociology. International Relations. Peace Studies. The UIA works with universities and research institutes around the world and frequently assists graduate and post-graduate students with their research and data needs.

What does UIA do for associations?

What UIA Does for Associations An important role of the UIA is to serve as an information clearinghouse and research institute which promotes the visibility of international organizations worldwide. In addition, the UIA also offers associations a range of services and support:

What does UIA do for the meetings industry?

What UIA Does for the Meetings Industry. In its earliest work the UIA quickly recognized the importance of international meetings and congresses to international association life. This recognition has led to a decades long engagement with what is now known as the meetings industry. UIA also initiated the first international meetings of this industry, which led to the creation of a number of trade groups such as AIPC, AIIC, AITC and IAPCO.

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