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Frequently Asked Questions

What does UIDDA stand for?

In an effort to streamline the onerous, time-consuming process of conducting out-of-state discovery for state court cases, the Uniform Law Commission developed the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (UIDDA).

What is a UIDDA subpoena?

Promulgated in 2007, the UIDDA has been adopted by the majority of states and provides a standardized means for litigants to take depositions and obtain discovery from individuals and entities located out of state. The UIDDA harmonizes the out-of-state subpoena process for state court cases with Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 45.

Can a out-of-State litigant take a deposition under the UIDDA?

The UIDDA repeals the law in those states where discovery is sought that still require a commission or letter rogatory from a trial court before a deposition can be taken in those states. Under the UIDDA, a subpoena request does not constitute a court appearance and, therefore, the out-of-state litigant is not required to be licensed in the state.

Where can I find a list of states that have adopted UIDDA?

For a complete list of states that have adopted the UIDDA, please visit the Uniform Law Commission’s website. * Both Oklahoma and South Carolina have adopted the UIDDA but as of the time of this article they are still operating under their previous rules.

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