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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ukulele easier to play than the guitar?

To be exact, ukulele has just four strings, which are usually nylon strings that require less strength in the fingers of the player than a guitar. As there is a lesser number of strings, there are obviously lesser number of notes to remember making it easier to learn a ukulele than a guitar.

What is the best sounding ukulele?

Koa comes from Hawaii and is widely considered to make the best sounding ukuleles. Mahogany offers softer sounds and is a popular choice for beginners wanting quality sound for less expense. For the most cost effective buy, ideal for beginner ukulele players, opt for a unit made from spruce.

Which ukulele sounds like a guitar?

Jens Lekman referred to the ukulele as "an emasculated guitar", which makes a good case for it as a guitar stripped of the machismo and phallic connotations of the six-string. Hawaiian and ragtime-style ukulele has a dainty, nimble sound that's softer than a mandolin and sweeter than a banjo.

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