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Frequently Asked Questions

How many students at UMass Amherst?

Currently, UMass Amherst has 22,000 undergraduates students including 4,650 first-year students, 1,100 transfer students, and 4,500 out-of-state students from 50 states, and 345 international students from 50 countries.

Is UMass Amherst rolling admissions?

By this definition, UMass does not have rolling admission. However, one of the things that UMass does not do a good job of (IMO), is sending out acceptance letters. Even though they are theoretically released by April 1, UMass typically takes several weeks to send out all the letters.

Is UMass, Amherst good?

University of Massachusetts Amherst is a good value according to College Factual's value analysis. It is priced competitively based on the quality of the education provided. National Value Ranking 368 out of 1472

What is the acceptance rate at University?

The acceptance rate of a university is the ratio of the number of applicants offered admission to the total number of applicants. If a university receives 100 applications and offers admission to 75 students, the acceptance rate is 75%. It does not matter how many students actually join.

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