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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Florida extending unemployment benefits?

Unemployment Insurance in Florida. (Florida Unemployment Extension) Those who have exhausted all original insurance in Florida are entitled to extended benefits or extension IF the FL rate is higher than usual. Under these circumstances, the basic extended benefits program in actually provides up to 13 extra weeks of FL compensation.

How do you apply for Unemployment extension?

To get an unemployment extension, go to your state's unemployment website, or call the employment security department. File for your unemployment extension. Wait for the mail; the paperwork comes in the mail and your checks should keep coming.

When can I refile for unemployment after benefits run out?

There's no wait time. You could, for example, exhaust all your benefits, get another job and become unemployed a day later. Provided you still qualify, you can immediately file for an extension of benefits – even if you've worked only one day on your last job.

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