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Frequently Asked Questions

Are uniforms in retail good or bad?

In other words, a uniform is only good if it is easily seen as a uniform. Many apparel retailers require the employees to dress in the clothes sold in the store. This is actually a great idea. However, you must have a name tag or other identifier that this person works in the store.

Where can I purchase school uniforms?

Some online retailers specialize in school uniforms, and others have sections devoted to them. Good places to shop online include: Amazon. The e-tail giant has an entire section called The School Uniform Shop. It provides links to uniform-appropriate garments from many popular brands, including Nautica, Izod, and Dockers.

Where is the uniform outlet in Lancaster PA?

The Uniform Outlet outlet store is in Rockvale Square Outlets located on 35 South Willowdale Drive,Lancaster, PA 17602.

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