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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do soldiers wear pinks and greens on their uniforms?

This is so that a man can take off his jacket one handed while holding a weapon. During WWII pinks and greens were for officers. The enlisted and NCOs had a specific color green differing from the officer’s uniforms for both tops and bottoms. Assigning pinks and greens to all ranks is somewhat absurd.

Are there pink scrubs at Scrubs & beyond?

Pink Scrubs Let your personality shine in the workplace with pink scrubs from Scrubs & Beyond! Offering a trendy look while keeping you comfortable through those extra-long shifts, our pink scrub tops, pink scrub pants, tees, jackets and skirts are available in a variety of styles so you can select your own perfect set.

What's new with the new army green service uniform?

Providing transparency and up-to-date information regarding the new Army Green Service Uniform. 26 January 2021: The U.S. Army released updated uniform regulations which includes new details about the AGSU. 9 November 2020: Marlow White begins its open access for online sales of the Exclusive Marlow White AGSU. Shop for YOURS now!

What will the new USMC uniforms look like?

While the designs will not be finalized until after the wear test, the current working design combine many aspects of the iconic World War II uniforms while also introduction new modern features: Male Coat: Dark greenish brown, four-button design with a belt and a bi-swing back.

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