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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the US policy toward Latin America in the 1800s?

American policy toward Latin America, at the turn of the century, explicitly justified unilateral intervention, military occupation, and transformation of sovereign states into political and economic protectorates in order to defend U.S. economic interests and an expanding concept of national security.

Where can I find information on US policy toward Latin America?

Lars Schoultz’s ( 1998) list of General Records of the Department of State, personal papers and manuscript collections, in addition to sources at the National Archives and Library of Congress, is a valuable reference for all research on U.S. policy toward Latin America.

Does unilateralism still have a place in Latin America?

American foreign policy in the hemisphere resorted to armed force recurrently in the nation’s first half century, and unilateralism would survive as America’s basic foreign policy principle in Latin America and elsewhere.

How did the United States end Latin American interventionism?

Civil war in the United States put a temporary halt to interventionism and imperial dreams in Latin America.

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