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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the coach of University of Illinois?

Lovie Smith. Lovie Lee Smith (born May 8, 1958) is an American football coach. He is the head football coach at the University of Illinois.

What is the University of Illinois fight song?

The Illinois State fight song was penned in 1932 by Kenyon S. Fletcher, who was an industrial technology professor, an alum, and the school's band director. The original lyrics reflected the University's name at the time—ISNU. The "N" stood for "Normal" and the song included the line: "Here's to Normal, dear old Normal, Hail to ISNU.".

Who is Illinois basketball coach?

Bradley Cole Underwood (born December 14, 1963) is the current head coach for the Illinois men's basketball team.

What is the name of the Illinois State basketball team?

The Illinois State Redbirds men's basketball team represents Illinois State University, located in Normal, Illinois, in NCAA Division I basketball competition.

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