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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline for University of Melbourne?

Application Deadline: Start-year: October 31; Mid-year: June 12 (may vary for some programs) Note: Music and fine arts courses at the University of Melbourne have a minimum percentage requirement but admission depends upon the portfolio and overall profile of the international students.

Where can I apply for University of Melbourne?

Submit an online application directly via the university’s website. Supporting documents can be uploaded directly on the university’s application portal or can be submitted via Digitary VIA.

When does the University of Melbourne summer semester start?

University dates Day/Date Activity Monday 15 February to Monday 22 February Summer Examinations Monday 22 February to Friday 26 February Melbourne Orientation & Commencement Cer ... Monday 1 March to Sunday 30 May Semester 1 - 12 teaching weeks 41 more rows ...

When is the deadline to apply for University?

Application Deadlines for Australian Universities/Colleges University Study Level Intake Application Deadline University of Wollongong PG Trimester 1 29 January 2021 PG Autumn 2021 31 January 2021 PG Trimester 2 18 April 2021 PG Spring 2021 30 June 2021 26 more rows ...

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