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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to pay application fee for University of Melbourne?

Students who would like to attend the University of Melbourne on a study abroad or exchange program should follow a different application process and do not have to pay this application fee. If you have been asked to pay an application fee it means you have incorrectly selected a full degree program.

How to apply for scholarships at University of Melbourne?

You will receive a confirmation email You can monitor the progress of your application You can continue to upload supporting documentation to your application We will assess the application and notify you of the outcome in this indicative time frame Please visit the Study website to find out more about applying for courses and scholarships.

How much does it cost to go to University in Australia?

Department of Home Affairs, Australia has quoted AUD 20,290 to be the tentative annual cost of living for international students. This doesn’t include the tuition fee or education fee. It covers accommodation expenses, living expenses, transportation costs, groceries, textbooks, food and eating out, entertainment costs and other supplies.

What's the turn around time for the University of Melbourne?

Turn-around time for undergraduate application is 2-4 weeks, for graduation coursework 4-6 weeks, and for graduation research application 12 weeks. To know about the deadlines of other Australian universities, read ‘ College Application Deadlines in Australia for International Students ’.

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