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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the University of Melbourne eligible for Canadian financial aid?

Canadian citizens wishing to study at The University of Melbourne can access a range of student financial aid delivered through federal and provincial funding programs. The University of Melbourne does not calculate eligibility for financial aid for Canadian students seeking financial aid; those decisions are made by the granting body.

Can a student apply for a student loan at the University of Melbourne?

To be eligible to apply for a student loan, you must have a current enrolment at the University of Melbourne. You cannot apply for a loan if you are: On a Leave of Absence Undertaking a Community Access Program or cross-institutional study.

Is the University of Melbourne part of the FSA program?

The University of Melbourne is an approved participant in the Federal Student Aid (FSA) program administered by the United States Department of Education. This program offers Direct Loans to students or their parents to assist with living and education costs. About US Direct loans

How do I pay tuition at the University of Melbourne?

Once you have enrolled, an invoice for the balance of your tuition fees for the semester (or study period) will be available via your student account and you'll be required to pay by the date specified on the invoice. If you want to pay any fees up front, you can pay online or over the phone using BPAY®.

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