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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the University of Melbourne annual report?

You can find all the historical annual reports up to and including the 2009 Annual Report in the University of Melbourne Calendar Collection 1858 - attached to each year’s calendar. Median ATAR for enrolled students are based on both Commonwealth Supported Place and international onshore Year 12 students.

How are annual reports published at Victoria University?

Annual Reports are tabled in the Victorian Parliament, and then published as a public record of the University's activities, achievements and financial position. For earlier Annual Reports please email [email protected]

What was result of University of Melbourne finfuture white paper?

The results shared in this report were critical in informing the University of Melbourne’s white paper “FinFuture: The Future of Personal Finance in Australia”. As per the argument in the white paper, a re-orientation is needed in the financial services sector.

What did the University of Melbourne do in 2019?

In March 2019, academics at the University of Melbourne commissioned independent research agency Forethought Research to help understand how Australians feel about their finances. The study that was designed as a result comprised two phases, as outlined below.

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