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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is zoom security important at University of Melbourne?

With the increased use of Zoom conferencing throughout the University, is it important to know the security and privacy measures in place to protect staff and students.

How many people can participate in a Zoom meeting?

Zoom is an online conferencing tool for all University of Melbourne staff. Zoom conferencing supports up to 100 participants in standard meetings (approval for 500 or 1000 attendees can be requested).

What do you need to know about zoom?

Zoom is a high quality video and audio online conferencing tool for desktops and smartphones. It’s ideal for online classes, meetings, special events, webinars, remote working and job interviews.

Where can I use the Moe zoom service?

The service can be used on a desktop or a mobile and is available in the self-service portal on all staff MOE computers. When logging in for the first time be sure to use the SSO-login to access the institutional version of Zoom or follow the setup instructions at getting started with Zoom.

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