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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find update and security in Windows 10?

You can find Windows Update in the Update & security tab of the Settings menu (Start > Settings > Update & security), along with sections for Windows Defender, backup, recovery, activation, and developer options. If you'd like to become a Windows 10 Insider, there's also a section for that.

How do you update security?

To update your security settings, log into your account through our website. Once you're logged in, follow these steps to reach your Security settings: Click on your name to access the drop-down menu. Click on "View Account" in the drop-down menu. On the Account page, click on "Settings". Click on "Security".

How do you install security updates?

1. Click on the Start menu and select Settings. 2. Select Update and Security. 3. Now you will see an option Check for updates under Windows Updates. 4. Click on the option Check for updates and install it. 5. Now Click on Advanced option.

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