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Frequently Asked Questions

How to upload video using PHP and MySQL?

How to Upload video using PHP and MySQL. Check extension of video before uploading the video file. If video file extension is mp4,avi,mov,3gp,mpeg then upload the reference of video file in MySQL Table.

How to upload a file in PHP?

PHP File Upload Configure The "php.ini" File. First, ensure that PHP is configured to allow file uploads. Create The HTML Form. The form also needs the following attribute: enctype="multipart/form-data". ... Without the... Create The Upload File PHP Script. Note: You will need to create a new ...

How do I upload a video file to a form?

Upload and Store Video Create a new folder videos at the project root. Using $_SESSION ['message'] to display the file upload response. Create a file element and a submit button in the <form>. On <form > submit assign max file size 5MB in bytes to $maxsize.

How do I upload images to Cloudinary from my PHP code?

You can upload images, videos, or any other raw file to Cloudinary from your PHP code. Uploading is done over HTTPS using a secure protocol based on your account's api_key and api_secret parameters. Use the UploadApi class to upload assets to your account. The following method of the UploadApi class uploads an image to Cloudinary:

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