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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of uploading and downloading?

Last Modified Date: February 04, 2021. "Uploading" and "downloading" are terms used to refer to types of electronic data transfers. The difference between them is the direction in which the files are being transferred. Files are considered to be uploaded when they are transferred from a computer or other electronic device to a central server, and downloading is when the files are transferred from a server to a smaller peripheral unit, such as a computer, smartphone or other device.

What does it mean to upload something?

uploaded; uploading; uploads. transitive verb. : to transfer (something, such as data or files) from a computer or other digital device to the memory of another device (such as a larger or remote computer) especially via the Internet.

What is the difference between download and upload?

The main difference between Upload and Download is that the Upload is a sending of data from a local system to a remote system and Download is a to receive data to a local system from a remote system.

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