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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is UploadVR and what do they do?

UploadVR (UVR Media, LLC) is a news organization focused on the intersection between people and VR/AR. Our distributed team of dedicated journalists cover important software and hardware releases as well as the researchers and developers driving augmented reality and virtual reality into wider use.

Who is Ian Hamilton, editor of UploadVR?

Ian Hamilton is a journalist based in Arkansas and managing editor at UploadVR. He's covered VR full-time since 2015 as well as Oculus VR since 2012. He is interested in the people creating VR and AR hardware and software, their motivations, and how that work affects the people who spend significant time in simulations.

What kind of office culture does UploadVR have?

Founders have no idea how to manage, encourage, or appreciate their employees. The office culture is less than professional - It's not an conducive environment to work effectively. Staff is encouraged to participate in partying activities, and if not they're marked as the 'outsiders'.

How can I contact Zeena from UploadVR?

If you have information to pass along you can send him a direct message on Twitter, Facebook or via email. Zeena is UploadVR's video specialist with experience in the VR and gaming industries.

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