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Frequently Asked Questions

What does PMPD stand for?

Definition PmpD Polymorphic Membrane Protein D (antigen) PmpD Prime Minister's Protective Detail (Canada) PmpD Past Modern Performance Duo PmpD Port Moody Police Department (Port Moody, BC, Canada) PmpD Portable Mission Preview Device Copyright 1988-2018, All rights reserved. Suggest new definition

What is a PMP device?

-noun- A "PMP" is a Personal Media Player. These devices tend to have at least a 5" screen and some have up to a 12" screen. They play music, movies, games, some have wifi capabilities and they also do PDA functions and run operating systems.

What is DPDP and how does it work?

DP -- Stands for double penetration, and it typically means having two different males’ parts inserted at the same time into both of a woman's, uhh... lower parts.

What are the electrochemical syntheses of PMPD/SMZ/pmpdfilms?

The electrochemical syntheses of PmPD/SMZ and PmPDfilms were performed directly on the unmodified (PmPDand PmPD/SMZ) as well as on the dextran-modified (PmPD(Dex) and PmPD/SMZ(Dex)) QCM sensor surfaces. Enhancing binding properties of imprinted polymers for the detection of small molecules

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