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Frequently Asked Questions

What does WBU stand for?

Most Common WBU Meaning. WBU stands for What About You. WBU is usually used after making a statement about what you have done, what you are doing or what you think about something, to ask someone what they have done, what they are doing or what they think about something.

What does the phrase "WBU" mean?

WBU stand for " What About You ". You might get familiar with this term during online chatting with your friends. There is another short term which can be used as an alternative to this Slang is " HBU ", Which stands for " How About You ". Such short terms are getting very popular on many social networking sites and online chat.

What does WBU mean in text?

WBU is a common expression, especially in text messaging on smartphones. 'WBU' is 'What About You?' This is internet shorthand for asking 'how about you, do you agree?' or 'how about you, do you have a suggestion?'.

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