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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Wby stand for?

Most Common WBY Meaning. WBY stands for What About You. WBY is usually used after making a statement about what you have done, what you are doing or what you think about something, to ask someone what they have done, what they are doing or what they think about something.

What does Wby mean in text?

WBY means "What 'Bout You?", which best translates as "How are you?". Much like the greeting "Alight?", it can be used to ask a question about wellbeing and to answer it. For example:

What is Wby in text?

WBY is written as either WBY or wby, i.e. in both upper and lower cases, and there is no change in its essence or meaning. WBY is used mostly to ask about how the person you are talking to is doing and if he or she is ok. It is a sign of courtesy and shows that you respect the fact that the other person is doing good.

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