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Frequently Asked Questions

What do indexes of consumer confidence tell us?

The Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) is a survey that indicates how optimistic or pessimistic consumers are regarding their expected financial situation. If the consumers are optimistic, spending will be more, whereas if they are not so confident, then their poor consumption pattern may lead to recession.

How is consumer confidence measured and calculated?

Consumer confidence, measured by the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI), is defined as the degree of optimism about the state of the economy that consumers (like you and me) are expressing through their activities of saving and spending. The CCI is prepared by The Conference Board and was first calculated and benchmarked in 1985.

Will consumer confidence drive the economy?

When consumers are confident in their futures, they tend to spend money and drive economic growth higher. When consumers aren't confident, they tend to save rather than spend and perhaps constrain economic growth.

How does consumer confidence impact the markets?

Investors and stock market analysts often monitor the Consumer Confidence Index closely. They want to get an idea of whether consumer spending will increase or decrease. Any rise can spur business spending to meet the demand. That increases earnings and stock prices. For that reason, investors are more likely to buy stocks if the Consumer Confidence Index rises.

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