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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is eBay's final value fee?

The fees for Managed Payments on eBay are straightforward. Sellers who were enrolled by June 4, 2019, pay a final transaction fee of 2.7% , which includes shipping and handling, plus a payment processing fee of $.25 per item sold.

How do you estimate shipping costs on eBay?

Follow these steps in the Sell an Item process to have eBay calculate the charges for you: In the Shipping area, choose Calculated: Cost Varies by Buyer Location from the drop-down menu. Select your package’s type and weight from the drop-down lists, and fill in package dimensions as needed. Select a carrier from the drop-down lists.

What is eBay final value fee?

Final value fees. We charge a final value fee when your item or relisted item sells, or if we determine that you intended to complete a sale outside of eBay. Final value fees are calculated as a percentage of the total amount the buyer pays , including shipping and handling. Sales tax isn't included.

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