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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular US commemorative coin?

One of the most popular examples of a Silver US Mint Commemorative Coin is the 250 th Anniversary George Washington Half Dollar. This coin was introduced in 1982 by the United States Mint to celebrate the 250 th anniversary of President George Washington's birth.

Are there silver pennies in mint in the US?

One of the most unusual pennies produced by the United States Mint are the "1943 Silver Pennies ." Most people believe that all pennies ever produced by the United States Mint are made of copper. Therefore, when someone finds one of these silver pennies in their pocket change, they believe they have come across a great rarity.

What coins made in the U.S were made with silver?

Silver Coins of the United States. The seven denominations of US Silver Coins include three cent pieces, half dimes, dimes, twenty cent pieces, quarters, half dollars and dollars. The wartime nickel of 1942 to 1945 could also be added to this list as a collectible silver coin considering that it was made of an alloy containing 35% silver.

What is the use of commemorative coins?

Commemorative coins are also minted for collectors. While their first purpose is to raise money and create national recognition for a person, event or place, they're also minted with the knowledge that collectors will pay good money for them.

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