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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the US still mint silver dollars?

Yes, the U.S. still mints actual silver half dollars, but only a limited number each year and they are only sold in special sets (usually silver proof sets) at a premium.

What is the last year that US silver dollars were minted?

This set the stage for the complete elimination of silver from our coinage by the end of 1964. Any United States dime, quarter, half dollar or dollar that is dated 1964 or earlier is made of 90% silver. In the dime series, all coins dated 1965 or later are clad coins and contain no silver at all.

What are the most valuable US silver dollars?

Morgan Silver Dollars. The Morgan Silver dollars represent the best in silver coin manufacturing at its time. It's the most valuable of the silver coins the United States has minted in the late 1800's and early 1900's partly because of it's size, and silver content. This is not a coin you want to carry around in your pocket.

Where is the mint mark on an US Silver Dollar?

On Morgan dollars, the mint mark is found underneath the wreath surrounding the eagle . Mint marks on Peace dollars appear on the lower left of the coin, just left of the eagle's tail feathers. Coins minted in Philadelphia have no mint mark. The pictures below show where to find mint marks on both silver dollars.

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