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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the title service network do for You?

The Title Service Network The Title Service Network is a marketing and management firm offering administrative paperwork assistance across a global network, procuring ownership of title for anything

How to make a service request on US title search?

1. To submit a service request, click on Submit Service Request. The following screen will display. This is where you will want to request any changes you would like to make to your account. You may drop and/or add counties, change billing type, or make any changes to your contact information.

What can title search by name do for You?

Title search by name to perform nationwide property asset searches and judgment recovery. The only service to provide Free foreclosure activity reports for any property containing current foreclosure activity.

Where can I find title and release records?

Obtain preliminary title reports, chain of title, lien and release records directly from the county for all 50 states and U.S. territories. Gain access to the latest and most current technology available for analytics, digitized real estate data and records.

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