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Frequently Asked Questions

What is weekly news?

The Weekly News is a national newspaper published every Thursday by the Dundee newspaper chain DC Thomson.

Is Star magazine Weekly?

Star magazine is a weekly celebrity news magazine full of the top stories about Hollywood movie and TV stars along with music and political icons.

What is USA News?

Founded as a newsweekly magazine in 1933, U.S. News transitioned to primarily web-based publishing in 2010. U.S. News is best known today for its influential Best Colleges and Best Hospitals rankings, but it has expanded its content and product offerings in education, health, money, careers, travel, and cars.

What are the weekly magazines?

The Week is a weekly news magazine with editions in the United Kingdom and United States. The British publication was founded in 1995 and the American edition started in 2001; an Australian edition was published between 2008 and 2012.

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