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Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate a person’s retirement date?

This formula can calculate a person’s retirement date which on the last day of the month he completes 60 years, it means, if born on 5/10/1976 will retire on 5/31/2036. 2. In the above formula, E2 is the birth date cell you are used, and 60 is the retirement age the person will be retired, you can change them to your need.

What is the retirement age in the United States?

The minimum retirement age is 57 for much of the federal workforce, although employees who were born before 1970 can retire a little earlier. How much earlier depends on exactly how old they are. The lowest minimum retirement age is 55 for workers born before 1948.

What is the age limit for military retirement benefits?

With at least 10 years of service, but fewer than 30, benefits are reduced by 5% for each year under age 62, unless they've reached 20 years of service and retire at age 60 or older. Employees become eligible for benefits within 30 days of their last day of employment depending on their years of service and their ages.

How to calculate retirement age in Excel using Formula helper?

In the Formula Helper dialog box, please do the following operations: In the right Arguments input section, select a list of cells that you want to calculate the retirement date based on from the Date time text box, and then type the retirement age into the Number box.

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