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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access USAWC's academic information on Blackboard?

USAWC will be using the .edu email as primary delivery of academic information for (1) Blackboard and (2) Compass and (3) Office 365 Collaboration. Follow these steps to set and/or confirm your access -- 1. GO TO Compass, a.

How do I sign in to compass or blackboard?

On the left side of the screen, enter your "Primary Email Address" and "Password" which you created in Compass. Click on the "Sign In" button. ( Note: Your user name for both Compass and Blackboard is your primary email address. If you change your primary email address then you change your username in both Compass and Blackboard.) 3.

How do I get access to Blackboard?

Then confirm by logging on to Blackboard with your username and password: Final check: Once access is confirmed, Log in to Compass and change primary email to reflect your .edu address (if not already .edu). Account Access is available to faculty, students and select staff.

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