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Frequently Asked Questions

Does BP have gift cards?

Once you have paid BP for the Gift Cards, BP will provide the Gift Cards to you. BP will activate your Gift Cards for use once you have confirmed with BP that you have actually received the Gift Cards. 2.3 Your Gift Card cannot be used until it has been activated by BP or a Participating BP Service Station.

What is a BP Credit card?

The BP Credit Card is a pretty good card if you like gas benefits. It does have some drawbacks to though. On the plus side, it's got a decent interest rate, and a lot of potential reward points/discounts through the purchase of gas and other goods at BP gas stations.

What is a BP card?

BP is an international company that is an industry leader in the oil and gas industry. Consumers know the company from the thousands of gas stations that dot the country. BP offers a credit card that helps customers save money and gain rewards when they purchase gas as BP gas stations. The credit card is managed and serviced by Chase cards.

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