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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most accurate way to depict a Utahraptor?

The most accurate way to depict utahraptor would be the integument of microraptor, but less feathers accross the body and likely head and neck, be that by having areas lack feathers, as seen in ostriches, or having a shorter coat overall, like the fur of mammals that dwell in hot climates.

What was the environment of Utahraptor?

Utahraptor was found in the Cedar Mountain formation, which at the time was dominated by floodplains, open woodlands, and even some evidence for bog-like environments with a short wet season- hardly desert.

Why is this Utahraptor so inaccurate?

This utahraptor simply put is as inaccurate as t-rex being a pure scavenger, as both ignore basic anatomy and the environment of the animal, and are more based on personal bias and a weak understanding of these creatures.

Is this a Utahraptor with a long coat of shaggy feathers speculative?

A Utahraptor with a long coat of shaggy feathers covering its entire body isnt speculative, its just wrong. Theres artistic liberty, but not to the point of inaccuracy.

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