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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of food did Triceratops eat?

FEEDING Edit. Triceratops will independently search for and eat all types of leaves, flowers, grass, and ancient ferns. They can also be hand-fed seeds, wheat, bread, apples, sugar, sugarcane, cookies, melon, and cake, and will eat from feeders that have plants in them.

What did the raptor dinosaurs eat?

Velociraptor was a carnivore that hunted and scavenged for food. "It spent the vast majority of the time eating small things," which likely included reptiles, amphibians, insects, small dinosaurs and mammals, said David Hone, a paleontologist at Queen Mary University of London.

How big is an Utahraptor?

Utahraptor was up to 7 feet tall, and weighed somewhat less then 500 kilograms; around the size of a polar bear.

Who discovered the Utahraptor?

The first specimens of Utahraptor were found in 1975 by Jim Jensen in the Dalton Wells Quarry in east-central Utah, near the town of Moab, but did not receive much attention.

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