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Frequently Asked Questions

Was Utahraptor carnivore?

Utahraptor is a dinosaur in Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter and Primal Prey. It is the largest known member of the dromaeosaurids, a family of dinosaurs commonly known as "raptors.". It is a medium-sized carnivore from the early Cretaceous.

How does the Utahraptor live?

Utahraptor lived in the lower part of the Cedar Mountain Formation , a bed known as the Yellow Cat Member. According to the authors of its description, Utahraptor had an important ecological role as a major carnivore of the paleofauna of the present-day Arches region during the Early Cretaceous, and could probably attack prey larger than itself.

How tall was the Utahraptor?

Utahraptor was up to 7 feet tall, and weighed somewhat less then 500 kilograms; around the size of a polar bear.

Is the Raptor a Velociraptor or Utahraptor?

Utahraptor is a member of the family Dromaeosauridae, a clade of theropod dinosaurs commonly known as "raptors". Utahraptor is the largest genus in the family, and belongs to the same clade of dinosaurs such as Velociraptor, Deinonychus or Dromaeosaurus.

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