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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download uTorrent?

Step 1 Download and install Download and install uTorrent from the official website, Step 2 Open uTorrent Open uTorrent and keep it open. Step 3 Find a torrent site Find a torrent site online where you can download torrents. Torrents are the files that uTorrent will use to download the media you want.

Is uTorrent free?

uTorrent is the Best Free Torrent Software . uTorrent makes downloading movies, TV shows, software, and other large torrent files easy. It's a free, lightweight, easy-to-use BitTorrent client that won't drain your computer of its resources. You don't need any prior knowledge about torrenting or technology to use the program. Just download uTorrent and it will automatically download and configure all .torrent files.

How to download games on torrent?

Open uTorrent on your computer. Drag-and-drop the torrent file you have previously downloaded onto uTorrent’s window. You can also double-click on the torrent file and it will automatically open in uTorrent. This is when you might be asked where’d you like to save the game files.

How do you download music from uTorrent?

Double click the downloaded music torrent and it will be automatically added to download list if uTorrent is the only torrent client on your computer. After the download is completed, you can enjoy the music right now or transfer it to portable devices for listening on the move.

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