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Frequently Asked Questions

How to become an advisor for Paws at UWM?

Anyone needing to be added to the advisor table (which allows you to be assigned as an advisor to students, and grants access to the Advisor Center in PAWS) will also need to complete the FERPA Tutorial and Quiz. Once completed, please email [email protected] to be added.

How do I create a paws student account?

1. Log onto your PAWS account 2. Select Student Information Release under the Personal Information section 3. Assuming you have read the FERPA Rights, click on the Designate Access button 4. Assuming you read the conditions, click on the box for I agree to these conditions 5. Click on Create Account

How do you request access to Paws resources?

In the past, PDF forms were used to request PAWS access. Employees now log on to the Online PAWS Access Form and submit the request for access themselves. Prior to submitting the request, please work with your supervisor to determine what access you need, and if there is someone else in your area that you need the same access as.

Where do I enter my email for the UWM login screen?

This login screen requires you to enter your entire UWM email address (Ex: [email protected]). Please use our instructions if you need assistance identifying your UWM email address. All information and instructions for multi-factor authentication for students, faculty, and staff can be found on our webpage:

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