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Frequently Asked Questions

What does spacetrax do for Clinical Inventory Management?

SpaceTRAX makes life easy for clinical users at the point of use and for staff managing departmental inventory, automatically capturing key information for case management, including inventory, patient, staff and clinical attributes. “We are able to consistently report less than 1% variances in cath lab and open-heart inventory.”

How big is the spacetrax global items database?

The SpaceTRAX global items database runs to over 150,000 items and is continually updated by a team of experts working in close cooperation with manufacturers. SpaceTRAX offers standard interfaces for billing, patient information, item master, purchasing and consumption.

How does the spacetrax plus RFID system work?

With SpaceTRAX Plus RFID, important items are tagged with inexpensive passive RAIN RFID tags to track their location and usage with unprecedented speed and ease. When authorized staff members access the cabinet and remove an item, the action is automatically captured by SpaceTRAX.

Do you need an internet connection to use spacetrax?

Use SpaceTRAX anywhere you have an internet connection, with no need for onsite server or database infrastructure. SpaceTRAX uses barcodes track all key information: expiration date, lot, serial number and more.

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