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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install and upgrade v2ray on Linux?

Run v2ray / v2ray.exe after unzip the packages. We provide a script to install on Linux. This script detects previous installed v2ray and then upgrade or install a new one accordingly. If there is a previous version, the config file in /etc/v2ray will not be overwritten during upgrade.

Can you use v2ray on an Android phone?

You can use v2ray on several apps on Android, and all of them are available for free Google Play. You can use v2ray on several apps on your iPhone/iPad as well, most of the v2ray apps are paid apps, except for 91VPN. For your Windows PC, you can choose one of these three v2ray Windows clients. And here is a download link.

Can a proxy server be a v2ray server?

In particular, V2Ray offers the valuable possibility of disguising your proxy server as a web server. Both server and client must have accurate time-of-day clocks for the V2Ray connection to work. 1. Server This post will show you three alternative methods of setting up a V2Ray server:

How to run service v2ray in

Run service v2ray start command to start V2Ray. Optionally run service v2ray start|stop|status|reload|restart|force-reload to control V2Ray service. supports the following parameters. -p or --proxy: Use a proxy to download V2Ray packages.

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