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Frequently Asked Questions

What is v2ray and how to install it?

V2Ray will take a little while to download and install everything, placing the following config files to run it as a service: On successful install, it will display the configuration options you chose, followed my the commands to get your vray url and qr code, like so: With installation complete, you can edit /etc/init.d/v2ray via:

How does v2ray improve the performance of Shadowsocks?

V2Ray and its VMess protocol were designed to improve on the performance and features of Shadowsocks and aid in detection prevention. When deploying V2Ray, you can dynamically change port, access advanced routing features, use obfuscation techniques, chain proxies, and more.

How do I get a QR code for v2ray?

Most V2Ray apps on mobile support QR code scanning to quickly import the configuration parameters from your server. To view this code, type v2ray qr when it's running and click the link it outputs. In your V2Ray app (in this case v2rayNG) click the plus icon in the top-right, then Import config from QRcode.

How to run service v2ray in

Run service v2ray start command to start V2Ray. Optionally run service v2ray start|stop|status|reload|restart|force-reload to control V2Ray service. supports the following parameters. -p or --proxy: Use a proxy to download V2Ray packages.

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