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Frequently Asked Questions

When to use variance?

A use variance is required when the building's intended use will violate the zoning ordinances; for example, a use variance would be required to build an office building in a residential neighborhood. Use variances are much harder to obtain than area variances.

What is the formula to calculate variance?

When working with sample data sets, use the following formula to calculate variance: s2{\displaystyle s^{2}} = ∑[(xi{\displaystyle x_{i}} - x̅)2{\displaystyle ^{2}}]/(n - 1) s2{\displaystyle s^{2}} is the variance. Variance is always measured in squared units.

Is variance the same as mean square deviation?

Variance is nothing but an average of squared deviations. On the other hand, the standard deviation is the root mean square deviation. Variance is denoted by sigma-squared (σ 2) whereas standard deviation is labelled as sigma (σ). Variance is expressed in square units which are usually larger than the values in the given dataset.

What is the actual interpretation of variance?

A large variance indicates that numbers in the set are far from the mean and from each other, while a small variance indicates the opposite. Variance can be negative . A variance value of zero indicates that all values within a set of numbers are identical. All variances that are not zero will be positive numbers. Nov 18 2019

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