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Frequently Asked Questions

What does variance stand for?

Variance & Standard Deviation. The variance ( σ2) is a measure of how far each value in the data set is from the mean. Here is how it is defined: Subtract the mean from each value in the data. This gives you a measure of the distance of each value from the mean.

What does the word variance mean?

Definition of variance. 1 : the fact, quality, or state of being variable or variant : difference, variation yearly variance in crops. 2 : the fact or state of being in disagreement : dissension, dispute.

What does variance indicate?

Variance. The variance is a numerical value used to indicate how widely individuals in a group vary. If individual observations vary greatly from the group mean, the variance is big; and vice versa. It is important to distinguish between the variance of a population and the variance of a sample.

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