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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to have Internet to play Vasl?

VASL's chat and game room features allow you to view other games being played, share information, chat, compete in online tournaments, and even post items or game requests on the VASL Message Board. A VASL server is available free of charge, 24 hours a day, to anyone on the planet that has Internet access, and wishes to play a game.

How to download and install the Vasl module?

Download Vassal ( and install it on your machine. Start Vassal. Select the File->Open module... menu option in Vassal and navigate to and select the saved VASL module file.

Where can I get help with home Vasl?

Call 01858 468499 if you need some help. If you are supporting the community either as a business or a local group and would like your details to be added to this list please email. Loneliness is a big issue for many people, could YOU volunteer in your community during the Coronavirus?

Is there charge for personal use of Vasl?

Though there is no charge for personal use of VASL, you may not distribute VASL, in exchange for any sort of fee, without the expressed written consent of Rodney Kinney. If you become so enamored with the program (which you will) that you feel a donation of some sort is in order you may send it to:

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