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Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of veneer is best?

Which Type of Veneer is Best? Perfect Porcelain Veneers. ... Help! ... Dental Veneers - Don't Let Them Grind Down Your Teeth! ... The Best Porcelain Veneers are Prepless Veneers - Veneers without the Drill. ... Porcelain Laminates for Tetracycline Stained Teeth. ... Not All Porcelain is the Same! ...

What is veneer and how is it made?

Veneer is a thin slice of wood made by rotary cutting or slicing of the log . The appearance of veneer varies and it depends on how the log is cut. The process of the veneer production in UPM-Kymmene Otepää mill starts as the timber logs brought in by trucks are measured, sorted and stored by quality.

What is the difference between Wood and veneer?

The main difference between sunmica/laminates and veneer is the material. wood veneers are thin sheets or slices of wood, while sunmica or other laminates are a blend of paper and plastic. Another important difference is in the availability of designs.

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