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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my Verizon email?

Open a browser Log in to an Internet-ready computer, and open the default Web browser. Open a new tab in incognito mode if you prefer to hide your browsing history and input details. Navigate to Verizon webmail Type the Verizon webmail address in the browser URL field.

Where to sign into Verizon email?

To sign email, you have to go to If you are already a member then click on Sign In and fill your user-name and password to access your email account.

Does Verizon offer email service?

Verizon is shutting down their email service but they are offering to move you over to AOL so you can keep your existing email address. You will still have your address if you opt-in to this change, but instead of Verizon handling your email, you'll be using AOL's system.

How do you send an email to a Verizon cell phone number?

Log in to your email account. It is necessary for you to have a valid email account to send an email to a Verizon phone as text. Click the "Compose" link to create a new email. In the "To:" address box, type the cell number you wish to text followed by "".

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