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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about Vero Insurance?

Vero is a specialist provider of quality business insurance products and packages in Australia. Our mission is to help secure the longevity of your business – whether you run a small business or a large corporation. With over 180 years of experience providing quality insurance products, we’re experts at helping business owners mitigate their risks.

Is the Vero Insurance part of the Suncorp network?

Vero is part of the Suncorp Network. Contact details for service of legal documents (including writs, subpoenas, and garnishee orders) are the same across the Network. Find our more about the General Insurance Code of Practice.

How did Vero Insurance help Boronia medical centre?

A third party broke into Boronia Medical Centre and started a fire, but quick thinking from Vero helped the practice reopen just 48 hours later. I want to... I want to...

How much will Vero pay for car damage?

My claim $14,500 for items destroyed through Vero's client's negligent driving. Vero won't accept assessment from my insurer's assessor, my photographic evidence and now will not pay without photos of damaged items. Don't know how I was expected to obtain them while trapped 2 hrs in my car then hospitalized and my phone and camera destroyed.

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